Business Owner: Mylocaltaxifinder


Name: Mylocaltaxifinder

Website Address:

Year Started: 2016


I am interviewing the owner of my local taxi finder his name is Mark Simons.


Question: Why did you start my local taxi finder?

Answer:  I decided to start my local taxi finder a few years ago after being on the road for many many years. Over the years i’ve seen an increase but also a big decrease of people using taxis. In London there has been a massive decline due to the likes of Uber and Hailo. I thought to myself If i can at least create a website which is easily accessible online then I can help the smaller companies be found online.


Question: Do you think the likes of Uber have effected the industry?

Answer: My honest answer is yes, I’ve seen many smaller taxi companies in London shut down as they can’t compare with the rates.


Question: What does my local taxi finder do?

Answer: Apart from the obvious it’s simply a comparison site for customers to use and easily compare different rates and book a local company. It doesn’t feature any of the big players such as Uber of Hailo.


Question: What is you plan?

Answer: Ideally i’ll be looking to partner with different smaller companies in different areas i’m going to first start in Kent. And i’ve launched my first page which is focusing on: tunbridge wells taxis. After this I plan on focusing on sevenoaks taxis. After this I’ll start concentrating on different areas I don’t plan of covering London as I believe this market is now saturated. See the below video i’ve created about launching a taxi business.


Question: So finally when will this project launch?

Answer: I’m hoping by the end of the 2016 i’ll be up and launched this gives me time to get everything in place. I also believe if I launch an app this might even rival uber.. but i mean that’s a long term dream so lets see. Anyway thank you for having me.

Thanks for reading my interview.


Business: Transport Executive

Business Owner

Name: Transport Executive

Website Address:

Year Started: 2015

Contact Number: 0203 034 0221


Brief overview

I met with the owner of Transport Executive they are a man and van London based company. They offer a simple transportation service helping anyone move anything to anywhere. The owner originally worked for a large moving company and he was a controller. He soon learnt their was a profitable side of the business and also a huge gap in the market. He noticed that most companies operating weren’t in fact companies and they tended to be non legitimate, leaving customers with a certain degree of worry.

What he set out to do 

The owner wanted to professionalise the service and create a service he was proud of. So he set about creating a list of things that would need to be achieved. For example: Drivers all needed to be professionally trained. This included how to load a vehicle and customer service.  Each driver also needed to have a brand new vehicle that was maintained and kept clean. This is to give customers the best possible quality service that they can have.

Each driver then has a probation period where they are reviewed and also the owner conducts a secret shopper where they send out a member of stuff to pretend they are a customer. Once they have passed this period they are then officially a driver for the company.

Drivers are also subject to random spot checks to ensure they are maintaining a high end service. Also customers fill out reviews on each driver.

Growing the business? 

Creating partnerships by partnering with locale storage companies. Also marketing the website online using Adwords and social media such as Facebook. This is the hardest aspect of the business is marketing as you need customers and revenue in order to grow the business.